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Diy lolly buffet

Melbourne candy buffet hire

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Wedding candy buffet hire

Lolly Buffet Hire Products

DIY Lolly Buffets can be collected from us from the Thursday prior to your event and returned the following Monday. What could be simpler?

Set Up lolly buffets are price on application, please email for pricing.

D.I.Y Lolly Buffet offers lolly buffet / candy buffet packages for DIY hire or Set Up in Melbourne. For centrepiece hire please visit our other site at

What is a lolly buffet? A lolly buffet is known by many names; candy buffet, sweets table, candy bar, sweet love table, lolly table, lolly station and I'm sure the list goes on. In essence though, a lolly buffet is a relatively inexpensive way to create a lot of colour and a real 'buzz' at your next event. Basic requirements for the lolly buffet are clear jars/vases, scoops/tongs and of course lollies. From there, you can theme it up with colour coordinated lollies, sweet love signage, noodle boxes, lolly labels, decorator items, etc. Adults and children alike will love a lolly buffet and the visual effect is outstanding. Having the vases at varying heights is also visually pleasing. You don't need to spend a fortune having a lolly buffet. It's simple really, lollies at a function = FUN!

DIY Lolly Buffet assists you in making the right choices, from the size of your buffet, to the quantity of lollies required, to the theme of the buffet. The D.I.Y option is great! Do you have a trusted friend that you want to make feel 'part of your special day' and not sure what task to give them? Easy, have them set up your lolly buffet table! Venue staff are often happy to assist in the set up of the table as well. Of course, if you want us to set up with all the trimmings for you we can quote that too.

Lolly Buffet canopy hire


P. 0359780963

Half Size lolly buffet kit

Half Size Lolly Buffet Kit:

Includes: 8 vases (choice of Apothecary or cocktail lolly buffet jars), silver scoops and tongs (4), SWEET LOVE signage

$100 HIRE

Full Size lolly buffet hire Circus lolly buffet hire

Full Size Lolly Buffet Kit:

Includes: 15 vases (choice of Apothecary or cocktail lolly buffet jars), silver scoops and tongs (8), SWEET LOVE signage

$150 HIRE

Custom Lolly Buffet Kit:

Includes: Quantity of vases to fit your number of guests, silver scoops and tongs, SWEET LOVE signage


Kids lolly buffet hire

Kids Size Lolly Buffet Kit:

Includes: 8 mini apothecary lolly buffet jars, choice of silver or clear scoops and tongs (4). Cake Pedestals available to hire separately

$50 HIRE

Dessert Buffet Hire Small

Small Dessert Buffet Hire:

Includes: 10 serving plates (mixture of platters, pedestals/cloches), 2 apothecary jars, 12 mini tongs

$120 HIRE

Large dessert buffet hire Dessert Buffet Table hire

Large Dessert Buffet Hire:

Includes: 18 serving plates (mixture of platters, pedestals/cloches), mini tongs

$180 HIRE

Custom Dessert Buffet Kit:

Includes: Selection of platters and pedestals/cloches to suit your number of guests, mini silver serving tongs.


Blue lolly buffet hire

Lolly Buffet Set Up:

Includes: Buffet set, lollies, labelled noodle boxes, mirror top raisers, lolly jar labels, table linen, table décor, delivery, set up, pick up


We have an extremely large range of apothecary jars and cocktail vases, we do not place them in standard sets, if there are vases on the website or facebook page you would like included in your set just let us know!

Apothecary Beverage Dispenser Hire

Apothecary Beverage Dispenser Hire:

Choice of two designs, the apothecary drink dispenser will add a special touch to your event.

$40 each HIRE

Lolly buffet canopy hire

Lolly Buffet Canopy Hire:

High gloss white timber frame canopy.  Available in black, red, pink & yellow all with white stripes.

Cash bond required

$125 HIRE

Ruffle table cloth hire

Ruffle Table Cloth Hire:

Available in white only.

Ruffle cloths fit 6ft (1.8m x 76cm) trestle table.

$50 HIRE

We stock a very big range of pedestals and cloches in glass and ceramic, rectangle and round tiered platter stands, all perfect for dessert buffet hire or high tea hire.

Candy Cart Hire

Metal Lolly Cart Hire:

A great prop for holding small lolly buffets or stacking noodle boxes and theming props

$60 HIRE

We have lots of props available for hire to match the theme of your lolly buffet.  We stock white timber trees, gold manzanita branches, birdcages, moss animals, mirrored wall art, buntings, shelving units, rustic stools and lots more.  Make your lolly or dessert buffet stand out!

Rustic stand hire

Prop Stand Hire:

Click the link below to see all available stands we have for hire to compliment your lolly buffet hire


Lolly Table Decoration Hire

Table Prop Hire:

Click the link below to see all available props we have for hire to compliment your lolly buffet hire



Lolly Table BackDrop Hire

Lolly Table Backdrop Hire:

1.8m wide, these ruffled backdrops complete the look of your lolly table. Stand avail if required: additional $30

$30 HIRE

Cake Stand and Dessert Stand Hire

Cake & Dessert Stand Hire:

A range of ceramic cake pedestals and dessert stands available in black or white