Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the hire period?

You are welcome to collect the diy lolly buffet hire set from the Thursday prior to your function and return to us by the Monday following.

Where are you located?

We are located in Somerville 3912, south east of Melbourne

Is there a bond required?

Yes, valid credit card details are required for the bond.  We do not hold a cash bond.

How far in advance do I need to book?

We have a limited number of diy lolly buffet hire sets, so the sooner you book, the sooner your hire is guaranteed. No booking is secure until a 30% deposit is received.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept direct deposit, paypal and credit card (visa or mastercard only)

”I’ve seen some shaped glasses in some of the 'cheap shops', is this what you provide?”

We only supply glassware that is of the highest quuality. Glass needs to be thick enough to support the weight of the lollies and withstand the hits of scoops/tongs.

Do I need to clean the vases and linen before they are returned?

No, just please make sure that all excess lollies/sugar is removed from the hire items.  The diy lolly buffet will be commercially cleaned upon its return to us.

What if there is a breakage during my hire?

In the case that hire items are damaged or not returned, your credit card will be charged with the replacement cost of the items. A list of replacement costs for the items you hire is available at the time of hire.

I want to hire some items from Event Perfection, will it be on the one invoice?

Yes, DIY Lolly Buffet is a division of Event Perfection, all invoices will come from Event Perfection.

What is included in a DIY set?

Each DIY set includes vases, a selection of scoops and tongs (4 for half size, 8 for full size), sweet love signage.

Can you deliver and set up the lolly buffet for me?

Yes, DIY Lolly Buffet is able to provide delivery, set up and pick up. When we set up for you, you receive additional items not included in DIY hire, like lollies, noodle boxes, mirror top risers, lolly jar labels and table decor. These are quoted and will be dependent on the availability of our function team.

Can I hire the mirror top raisers with a DIY set?

No, due to the nature and constant colour changing of our raisers, these are only provided with lolly buffet set up orders.  We do offer a large number of stands and table props for hire to use with your diy candy buffet, see our hire page for more details.

Do your staff have food handling licenses?

Yes, all staff that set up or serve a lolly buffet table hold their current food handling license.

Will the glassware be ready to use when I pick it up?

Yes, all glassware is washed to food handling guidelines through the use of commercial dishwashers to ensure that glassware is washed at the correct temperature.

Does the hire price include the lollies?

No, DIY lolly buffet hire kits don't incllude lollies. Our Set Up packages come complete with lollies and noodle boxes.